Magic box from D. E. Night

If you’ve been around in the bookish community these past months you’ve probably seen all about this box already.

I did a small unboxing on my new booktube. I’m really awkward, though. Fair warning.

The book is The Crowns of Croswald, and in the off-chance you’ve never heard of it before, it’s dubbed as a mix of part Cinderella, part Harry Potter and part Percy Jackson.

I haven’t read the book yet, but from what I’ve gleaned it’s about Ivy who crosses the border between the normal and the magical worlds. And then lots of shenanigans occur.

The author decided to throw in a Glanagerie bottle as merch, and I gotta admit, this is so freakishly awesome.

^it glows. 😍😍😍

One of the things I, as a major hoarder and booknerd, misses with new releases—and debut authors in general—are the severe lack of merch. The fact that this box included some really cool stuff made it so much easier to photograph and promote. No joke, after almost a month with no motivation, this book made me want to experiment with pictures again.

The box included the Glanagerie, a hilarious newspaper page (unfortunately this got roughed up in transit, so no close ups), some gorgeous artwork, and finally a letter from the author.

For a closer look on the items, I sorta show them in my video. But just know: it’s awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the items, just… Fawning. And it has made me so much more excited to read The Crowns of Croswald.

If you think all of this looks awesome, you should definitely buy the book so we can fangirl together. The Crowns of Croswald has already been released, and you can easily find it on amazon.

And for good measure, definitely look up the author for some neat giveaways and other sneaks.

Finally, big thanks to the crew at JKS Communications, who approached me about this box. For all my author friends out there, if you want to take the book community on, definitely check them out.

Lots of love to the author going forward.

Now… Who’s up for a buddy read? 💙

Magic box from D. E. Night

If you’ve been around in the bookish community these past months you’ve probably seen all about this box already.

I did a small unboxing on my new booktube. I’m really awkward, though. Fair warning.

The book is The Crowns of Croswald, and in the off-chance you’ve never heard of it before, it’s dubbed as a mix of part Cinderella, part Harry Potter and part Percy Jackson.

I haven’t read the book yet, but from what I’ve gleaned it’s about Ivy who crosses the border between the normal and the magical worlds. And then lots of shenanigans occur.

The author decided to throw in a Glanagerie bottle as merch, and I gotta admit, this is so freakishly awesome.

^it glows. 😍😍😍

One of the things I, as a major hoarder and booknerd, misses with new releases—and debut authors in general—are the severe lack of merch. The fact that this box included some really cool stuff made it so much easier to photograph and promote. No joke, after almost a month with no motivation, this book made me want to experiment with pictures again.

The box included the Glanagerie, a hilarious newspaper page (unfortunately this got roughed up in transit, so no close ups), some gorgeous artwork, and finally a letter from the author.

For a closer look on the items, I sorta show them in my video. But just know: it’s awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the items, just… Fawning. And it has made me so much more excited to read The Crowns of Croswald.

If you think all of this looks awesome, you should definitely buy the book so we can fangirl together. The Crowns of Croswald has already been released, and you can easily find it on amazon.

And for good measure, definitely look up the author for some neat giveaways and other sneaks.

Finally, big thanks to the crew at JKS Communications, who approached me about this box. For all my author friends out there, if you want to take the book community on, definitely check them out.

Lots of love to the author going forward.

Now… Who’s up for a buddy read? 💙

Long time, no post.

Okay, so… If you’ve been following me a while, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t exactly been around.

To be honest, I’ve been kinda ambivalent about blogging and talking about books. I love it so much, but there has been a lot of controversy in the book community, and it made me sort of fearful to continue speaking my mind.

I will do my best, though.

^ I finally caved and got snapchat. Look at me being all modern and stuff.

So what’s new? I was chosen as a rep for, not just 1, but 3 amazing companies, so I have a bunch of really cool codes for you so you can save money when you’re treating yourself.

First up, we got Bookishteas, a germany based seller of… Well… Bookish Teas.

The picture above is a shot of the wonderful Magical London teabox, and if you love your tea with a side of bookmerch, these boxes are perfect for you.

You can use the code MAJASTEA for a 10% discount on any order. (They ship worldwide too)

Currently there are some neat Tower of Dawn and Warbringer tea boxes up for sale so definitely check it out.

Next up there’s Geekyclean, who makes lovely products based on books and games. Up there you see an unboxing (because I made a youtube channel 🙈) of the July monthly Geekycleancrate.

Those boxes are £15 + shipping. And you can totally use the code BOOKISH17 for a discount both when buying the boxes and for any other order on the site.

(Please note that the Geekycleancrates are only sold between the 1st and the 5th of every month)

And finally, the super talented artist LightSpeedCraft, apart from artworks, she also makes these cute plaques which is perfect for any home. Pictured above is a custom plaque with my favorite quote from my favorite book.

There’s tons of really cool art at the website and etsy so definitely take a look, and if you fall in love with something you can use BOOKISHADDICTED10 for a discount.


What have you guys been up to?

Lots of love, Maja.

Bookish Review: Bookworm Candles

Back in December, I took a deep breath and dived into the vast crowd of bookish candle. Prior to that, my entire candle collection only consisted of products included in bookboxes.

I had spent almost 6 months looking at the different shops on instagram, and I had a small checklist while deciding which one to try out.

  1. It should offer candles based on fandoms I follow. I’m generally not picky, but of course I’m more inclined to order something inspired by characters I already love.
  2. The shop should be based in the EU. This was a bit tricky, because there are a lot of absolutely gorgeous candles from America, Canada and Australia. Unfortunately, I am not made of money, so I needed a shop that would charge VAT to avoid getting caught in customs.
  3. The shop needed to offer some kind of bundle/sampler pack to an affordable price so I could try out, and review, more than one kind of scent.
  4. The candles should be aesthetically pleasing. I’m not a big candle buff, but I do enjoy using them as props for pictures and displays on my shelves. The scents are just an added bonus.

After looking through a bunch of shops, deals and otherwise drool worthy bookish merch, I finally settled on Bookworm Candles and Crafts.

Based in the UK it offered a mini tin bundle based on Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Along with many others, I’ve fallen hard on the Maas-dom train, so obviously I decided to jump at the chance.

I bought 9 different candles, and while it was initially meant to be six scents from TOG and the rest from ACOTAR, I messaged the owner and asked if I could switch them up. There was no problem in that, and for that alone, the shop gets A+ in terms of customer service.

Plus, as something special, all candles have a handmade band/tinwarmer that gives off a sort of cozy look. 

The shop also offers handmade bookmarks, soaps and jewellery.

So, let’s get to it, yeah?

NOTE: The opinions stated in this review are mine alone, and it only reflects the candles I own. It’s been 3 months since I ordered them, and obviously, changes may have occurred from the sellers side.

I am also prone to scent induced headaches because of my sensitive nose, which is something you should take into consideration if you make a decision based on this review.


The five tins I chose were all based on some of my favorite characters from the series. And I admit, especially the book boyfriends.


Based on The Wolf of the North, this scent is described as: Morning Dew, Tourquise & Rose Geranium.

My thoughts: With a gorgeous label, this mini tin is one of my favorite of the bunch. The scent isn’t too strong, and I find the scent of flowers very pleasing. The crocheted band around the tin is a signature mark of Bookworm Candles & Craft, and I actually think it makes the mini tin more aestethic pleasing.



Based on Captain Westfall, this scent is described as: Leather, Swordplay & Home.

My thoughts: Despite looking lovely, I am not a fan of this scent at all. I won’t pretend to know anything about candle making, so I don’t think I can pinpoint exactly what it is. Best way to describe is that the “leather” kinda reminds me of the way a car smells after being in direct sun on a warm summer day. For hours. 

I don’t regret buying it, because it is extremely gorgeous. However, I can’t have the lid open for too long before I feel queasy. 



Based on The Princeling himself, this scent is described as: Glass chips, Pettigrain & Book pages.

My thoughts: Dorian’s label is one of my favorite ones because it’s so simple and clear. The scent isn’t one I find easy to describe, but it’s not headache inducing. Instead, I find it somewhere in the middle. The metal button on the crochetted band is my favorite of them all.



Based on The Wingleader, this scent is described as: Spidersilk, Burned gold & hope.

My thoughts: One of the reasons I discovered Bookworm Candles and Crafts was because Manon was the featured candle of the month in December. I fully admit to lusting after it because it was pretty. I mean, that red cape, though.

The candle itself if golden, and it has a very sweet and pleasant scent. I’m not sure I recognize the scent, but it kinda reminds me of honey.



Based on The Fae Prince Warrior, this scent is described as: Ice, Green Vines & Pine.

My thoughts: The candle itself has some green and red glitter, which fits the label and crochetted band perfectly. I did find it sort of christmassy at first, but I think it’s because I got the parcel around there.

The Pine scent is just a tad too strong for me, and it kinda drowns out anything else that might be there. I still like it though.




Based on the home of Rhysand, this scent is described as: Darkness, Answering Stars & Spirit.

My thoughts: This candle is my favorite of all nine. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for kinda fruity scents, but this candle is a perfect fit for me.

The purple candle is adorned with tiny silver stars, which is a nice touch.



Based on The City of Starlight, this scent is described as: Bergamot, Honeysuckle & Rainbows.

My thoughts: Colored rainbow glitter, cute tin warmer. To me, the scent reminds me of soap. It isn’t bad, but I find it just a bit too strong for it to without a lid for a long time.

I absolutely love the tiny pearls in the band, though. It sparkles in the light. 



Based on The Starfall scene, this scent is described as: Stars, Surprises & Hope.

My thoughts: The multicolored tinband is my favorite of them all. It’s just so pretty. Unfortunately, I find this to be one of the labels that’s kinda blurry. I don’t know if it’s the quality of the printer, or if it’s just the font size, but it was hard to photograph. 

I also noticed that the label itself is cut up by hand. After noticing this, I checked the others and some are kinda skewed. It does give off that “handmade with love” vibe, though. But I imagine that some might not think so. 

As for the scent… To put it bluntly, this candle smelled of wax with an underlying faint sugary scent. I’m not sure how else to describe it.



Based on The Winged High Lord, this scent is described as: Rain, Salt & Sunrise

My thoughts: I was extremely excited about this candle in particular. I am, just like many others, obsessed with all things Rhys, and having my own candle to represent him was just… exciting.

Unfortunately, I can’t really distinguish the scents of this candle. When I first took a whiff, it reminded me of a gust of wind. As in, barely there at all. I have to admit, I’m not a fan. Kinda feels like a phantom scent. 

I like the tinwarmer and glitter though. Especially how the band follows the colors on the label. 


And that’s it.

Just to be clear, though. Even though this review may come off as rather harsh, I absolutely love my nine mini tins. 

I think they are a great way to try out scents, and if I go back to buy a full size candle from Bookworm Candles and Crafts, I now know that Night Court and Aedion are safe to buy.

I also want to note that I’ve recieved a full size Kaz character candle in a recent bookbox, and while that one also has a scent of leather, it’s not even close to Chaol’s. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the batch itself, or even the size.

If you are unsure whether you want to buy these candles or not, I highly recommend trying out the mini tins. Not every shop offers them, but they are a great way to ensure that you won’t regret a purchase.

As it is, even though I didn’t love every scent itself, I’m rather pleased with my new selection of candles.

Have you tried Bookworm candles and Craft? 

Unboxing: January Book Box Club

So, I had all intentions of getting this up last week, but then I got sick. Funny how life can ruin even the best of my plans. Probably just means I should prepare better in the future.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I did a full unboxing post. I quickly summarised my December boxes in my last post, but I aim to actually unbox every box I get in 2017. Which means that, albeit a tad too late, I will now reveal the contents of the January box from Bookboxclub.

You probably already know this, but I’ve been with this box since the start, and I have every intention on staying aboard for a long, long, long while.
Book Box Club is a UK based monthly book box subscription that doubles as an online bookclub. Having been there since the start, I can personally vouch for the book club meetings, and they are tons of fun. Especially because we get to talk to the Authors of the chosen books too.

Boxes are priced at £27.99 + shipping, but you can totally get 5% discount on your first box if you email them at and say that you heard about them on BookishAddicted (Or just Maja, we are on first name basis)

The January box was themed Immortal Stories, and it had some seriously awesome items inside.

From Spice Kitchen UK we got this Immortalitea sample, that kinda looks like it should grant eternal life—or blissful death, depending on the mood of the day.

Also, Ziggi approves. Had to wrestle it from his paws during cleanup.

Designed by Book Box Club there’s this amazing Unashamedly bookish mug with an illlustration I’m kinda hoping will return in a future box. 

I mean… How awesome would that look on a poster on the wall? Or as the front of a notebook? Inside a pendant? I JUST LOVE IT, OKAY? Gief More.

Ink’d Con(Temporary) tattoos by U Studio is a set of colorful temporary tattoos. I used to love these when I was younger, but now my skin is marred by one-too-many scratches from cat fights so I tend not to showcase it too much. I really enjoy collecting them, though.

Reading Resolutions Card by Book Box Club was in a personalized envelope, and I have to admit: I love these little touches. As much as I am a complete sucker for fandom related goodies, I just have a soft spot for anything in the bookish fandom. And book box club just excels in that particular area.

From Penguin Random House, Hot Key Books and Usborne they included these lovely chapter samplers and postcard
Also, is it just me or is that postcard the most relatable thing ever?

The Wrath and The Dawn quote sticker by Chelley Reads Designs, which is perfect, because I just bought that book.

Ink by Alice Broadway was the featured book, and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for this book.


Excuse me while I drool a bit.

Okay, I’m good now.

I particularly loved how bookboxclub incorporated the “stories” part of their theme in their many bookish items. And it definitely raised the bar for every box to come.

I wasn’t kidding, he was ready to smack my hand if I tried taking the tea away from him. Sometimes, I wonder who adopted who in this relationship.

So yeah, this was the January box. I recieved my February Troublemaker box earlier today, and I am so excited to take pictures of it.

The March box is themes TIME TRAVEL, and if you’re interested remember to message bookboxclub so you can get a discount. This box is worth it for the community alone.


Hello 2017 – Bye 2016

I am painfully aware that this post is like… one and a half month late. And I could easily find a ton of excuses, but really… who cares? I am back.

Before I start in on greeting the New Year, I want to take a moment to send 2016 properly off. Even though the year was a shitstorm trainwreck in many regards, it also brought me a lot of bookish joy. My only hope is that the coming year will hold even more.

Which reminds me, I should probably catch you up on the last month of 2016.

Book Boxes:

In December, I received four book boxes, but because it’s been so long, I’ll just run through them quickly here.

Fairyloot – Sci-fi Adventure

This gorgeous box included:
– A full size Star Wars Pop by Funko.

– Cupcake-scented Kryptonite Bath Powder from Geeky Clean

– Exclusive Galaxy Socks by Fairyloot

– A gorgeous Starbound Bookmark from Lexy Olivia

– Exclusive Lunar Chronicles Art Print of all the book boyfriends from Taratjah

– Exclusive Red Rising Pins desined by Taratjah

Flashfall by Jenny Moyer, complete with signed bookplate, letter and bookmark.

– Bonus Items: Sampler, art print, and a lovely christmas card from the founders.

All in all, an amazing box as always. I am super excited to see this subscription continue to grow an improve with more variety in both items and fandoms represented.

Book Box Club – Magic by Night

This amazing box included:
– A Magical Notebook by Fable and Black.

– A Magical Unicorn iron-on patch by Rosie Wonderes

– A Throne of Glass Wish Bracelet by The Woodland Folk

– A Unicorn Pencil by Lucy Made Me

Washi tape by Unwrap Colour

– An ARC of The Memory Book from Quercus

– An amazing Modern Fable Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
My Bookish Crate – Fear the Reaper

This awesome box included:
– A Nevernight inspired Mia Candle from merakicandles

– An Aelin Ashryver inspired Fireheart Necklace designed by MBC

– An amazing Kaz and Inej Notebook from Loweana

Red Rising Art Print from MBC

– An A Darker Shade of Magic Tote bag designed by Nikki at

– A Scythe Bookmark from MBC

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

I absolutely adored this box, and I was super bummed that not only did I miss both January and February box from them, but also sad that the March box will be their last. I’ll miss you guys!

Nerdy Bookworm Box – Strange New Worlds

This box, which also happened to be the last of Nerdy Bookworm, included:
– A Burrowy x-mas lipbalm from literarylipbalm

– A Court of Nightmares Soap from Bookworm Candles and Crafts

Peter and Wendy Earrings from House of Wonderland

– A very fitting Bookish and Proud Notebook from Huck and Pucker

– Two Darker Shades of Magic Art Prints designed by Team Nerdy Bookworm

Flashfall by Jenny Moyer with a signed bookplate + reader experience questcard.

And, I have to take a moment to say this: Jen, you’re amazing. and I am so glad that I were subscribed for 7 months. Your note made me all teary, and I absolutely love the extra swag. It was a super nice thing to do, and I am so going to miss your box. Already these two months have felt like something was missing.

Phew… Now that all the mushy stuff is over… Let’s take a look forward, yeah?
In 2017, I want to read 150 books. I got off to a great start in January, with a wrap-up off 25, but cosidering my rapidly growing TBR, I don’t know if it’ll help anything.

I’m not going to say much else. Although, I am working on unboxings for the two January boxes I recieved. (hint: they were made of awesome) and also working on an indepth review of some Bookworm Candles and Crafts mini tins. Woop.
I hope everyone arrived safely on this side of the New Year, and let’s all hope it won’t take two months until I post again.

Unboxing: My Bookish Crate November 2016

I am typing this up pretty late, but I’ll try my darnest to be somewhat coherent.

But first, the basics:

My Bookish Crate is a UK book box subscription that ships worldwide. Each box is £28 + shipping, and will feature a newly released YA book along with a selection of bookish goodies from different fandoms and/or pertaining to the book of the month.

The November theme took us down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland, with this gorgeous spoiler card art.

Okay, so… Let’s be honest here, shall we? I knew what book I’d be getting when I ordered this. There was like a 0.00001% of doubt in my mind, which also made it pretty easy to avoid any of the other bookboxes who were probably going to feature the same book. Nevertheless, I’m doing this the same way as always, so nanananananana, I applaud your patience.

The items:

The Mad Hatter’s Tea from Book&Nook is a loose leaf blend of strawberries, cream, vanilla and rosehip. It is said to be perfect for a tea party. Now, I’ve never attended a tea party, but you know… If a gorgeous Mad Hatter wanted to volunteer to teach me how it goes down, then I am so up for it.Or you know, if the Mad hatter is at least kinda cute, then that’d be totally fine with me too.

Confession: I have never brewed a cup of tea that wasn’t in a pre-packed tea bag. I ranted a bit about it in a particularly sleep deprived moment this past weekend, and Moon_Kenstrel was such a sweetie to show me how to brew a cup in her own instagram story. I have yet to try this, but apparently, not much is needed at all. And I did get those pretty useful disposable tea bags from the Fairyloot box earlier this month. I will surely update you when I finally get to actually try any of the blends I’ve received.

And because My Bookish Crate wanted to make sure the tea party went down without a hitch…

This Queen of Hearts mug designed by T J Lubrano is inspired by the book of the month. It includes a gorgeous illustration of the Queen, some sugary treats, and I do spot the Cheshire cat lurking as well.

The quote is one of my favorite things  about this mug, it reads:

– I fear this heart shall be mended Nevermore.

How heartbreaking is that? I’m calling it: This mug will be the perfect heartbreak mug. Like, with the cute kitty, the pretty dress, the comfort foods, and that absolutely heart wrenching quote? 

I’m almost waiting for a chance to be dumped now, simply so I can make the mental montage of me staring longingly out of the window, sipping my tea, without noticing the single tear sliding down my cheek.

JUST KIDDING, btw. Please don’t dump me ❤

This cute and mischievous Cheshire Cat coaster was designed by Liza from BookOtter.

And to further prove my theory about this mug being the Heartbreak Mug of all Heartbreak mugs, there’s only one coaster.

It’s the ultimate set up for a tea party—for one.

When I think about it that way, it kinda makes sense, in a very sad and doom-like way.

But really, why only one? I have to admit, this coaster is a pretty good quality, so I kinda understand if it’s not the cheapest item to produce. But I mean, come on! If that cute-ish Mad Hatter actually drops by to teach me the tea-ish ways, what am I going to do? There isn’t one for him!

It is a very cute coaster, though. I’m a fan. Mostly because it’s a cat. And I love cats.

Have you seen my cat? He’s gorgeous.

My very own Cheshire Cat 💙

Right, sorry ’bout that. Back to the unboxing… 

From My Bookish Crate themselves, I received two Wonderland Pins and a Wonderland inspired Bookmark. Both items are gorgeous, and who can argue with that pin?

We are a little mad around these parts—at least I am.

Mad About Books! Booyah!

Okay, that was kinda bad, sorry.

And the final item, which also happened to be the first item I pulled from the box…

An Alice in Wonderland Totebag from Pan Macmillian Publishers.

Confession: Despite being a self-proclaimed Wonderland lover—with a ton of retellings on my TBR—I actually haven’t read the original Alice in Neverland. I don’t even own it. Sure, I have seen the movies, but that doesn’t really count, does it? I should really change this. 

And finally…

Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

You knew, right? Of course you did. It was obvious. I am actually super excited about this book, and not just because I loved the author’s Lunar Chronicles series.

The title doesn’t bode well, though. I’m preparing for a session with that mug. Because, surely, if it’s a devastating read, this heart will not be mended.


It is a gorgeous book,  though.

So, the verdict? I was super excited about this theme, and I probably ordered it seconds after I read the email with the theme.

With that said, I wasn’t sure what to think about the selection of goods when I received the box. I feel like there could have been a lot of different things done with this theme, (And it did, just look up the different book boxes with the same theme).

My favorite items are probably the tea party for one. At first, I might have been a bit off about it, because I s’pose I was still holding out hope for the cute Mad Hatter. But, after I began typing up this post, the selection does make more sense. 

It wasn’t as obvious as the previous box from My Bookish Crate, though. In fact, I only realized this connection right this moment.

As for the bookmark and pins? They’re nice, and I’m definitely a fan, but they do seem like one of those “extra” items that book boxes often throw in to spoil us.

I’m not saying this to be mean, by the way. It’s just a fact. I love these things—I do.

They just don’t seem to reach the same level of awesomeness as the tea-party-of-one items.

And the tote? I’m mentally sighing here.

It is gorgeous, and it is a pretty high quality tote. Sturdy, spacey, and gives a nod to the classic.

I am just not a tote-bag kinda girl. Out of all the things I’ve said that about, (hardcovers, tea, coasters, candles) totes are probably the only thing that hasn’t grown on me. 

I am fully planning to kidnap my mom’s sewing machine, just to make the tote bags into bookish pillows instead.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that with this bag. It is too sturdy. Which is great for a tote, but not for pillows.

Of course, this could change in the future when I actually have to go grocery shopping alone. But even then, I’m not sure I would ever take one of the precious bookish totes.

We’ll see. Maybe if I go to a book signing one day. There are definitely possibilities.

On another note: I’ve already ordered the December’s “Fear The Reaper” box, and the January theme was revealed this week. My funds are unfortunately low at the moment, so I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to get the January box. We’ll see about that in 2017.

You don’t have to wait, though. Pop over to to order your box now.

Did you receive a wonderland box? Which book box subscription did you get? Let me know in the comments.

Also, if that gorgeous cute Mad Hatter happens to be reading this, then I’d totally give you a sip from the heartbreak mug. Call me, kay?

Unboxing: Illumicrate November 2016

Despite being severely late, I have finally gotten around to actually write the November Illumicrate Unboxing.

First, the basics:

Illumicrate is a quarterly YA book box subscription based in the UK. There’s no set theme for these boxes, but they promise to send out a fantastic new release, along with other bookish goods.

Each box is £29.99 + shipping (Free UK delivery)and is renewed on the 15th in the month following the last box.

Note: This is my second illumicrate box, and my opinions are based on this. For more information, and to peek at past boxes, take a look at the Illumicrate website.

I have to admit that I’m pretty pleased to see this cardboard holder for the box.

Most boxes stuff their boxes with shredded paper worms, but even then, there’s no guarantee that shipping won’t take it’s toll on the items inside. This small cardboard keeps stuff in place, and I definitely approve. Plus, it’s pretty.

The items:

An exclusive Coffee Cosy from Sparrow + Wolf.

In one of the teasers, we were promised something to cosy up with. 

I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, and apart from the occasional Baresso Iceblend, I’m not really one who buys those drinks. I suppose the cosy could easily be used with an iced drink, as well.

Plus, it is super pretty, reusable, and environment-friendly.

Honestly, I don’t mind when I receive something that I had no idea existed. In these past months, I’ve found quite a few goodies that surprised me. And now this Cosy can be added to the list. I’m sure I’ll find an occasion to use this.

Either that, or I’ll simply stuff it in my bag and take a trip to the café.


Keeping up with the “cosy” theme, I also received this pair of socks from Happy Socks.

From the various unboxings I’ve seen, there were several designs sent out. And mine were pretty colorful.

This is the second pair of socks I’ve received in a book box, and I have to admit: I’m a fan. Especially now when it’s getting colder. I have a splendid talent for misplacing “the other sock”, so these are welcome.

With that said, I’m not sure how “bookish” they are. It’s not a big thing, and it doesn’t bother me—but for future references: How about some knee high fandom socks? Would definitely be a hit for #SockSunday. 

Note: I really need to stress this point. I am not unhappy with the socks in this box. In fact, they’re high quality and kinda pretty.

I am just suggesting for any book box founders out there, to look into fandom merchandise. I am also aware that this is a risk, as well. Since not everyone runs in the same fandom circles, but I’m mostly speaking for myself.

Now, consider those Night Court socks so I can now before no one but Rhysand’s crown 😉

From Meraki Candles, I got this exclusive Aidan candle. Inspired from Illuminae, it has a lovely and sweet fragrance.
I honestly love how “easy-on-the-nose” that Meraki Candles are, and my collection is slowly growing with each book box she’s featured in.

It’s funny, when I got my first book box from back in June, I was pretty clear that I wasn’t a fan of candles.

That has definitely changed since then. I suppose it’s not just that it’s a favorite in book boxes, but they come in so many fandoms that I absolutely love. And to be honest, I far prefer candles to wax melts.

But mostly because I still haven’t gotten my hand on one of those wax melt burners. (And because I still don’t get the point of wax melts?”

From House of Wonderland, I got this Evil Plans Note Book.
I’m a fan of notebooks and especially when they have exclusive designs on them. They’re great to have lying on the sofa table for when an idea just strikes.

Plus, when they say something witty, like this one, it’s always a great topic of conversation on the rare occasion that I have guests over.

I know that not everyone os as big a fan of these notebooks like I am. So maybe, if any of you creative people are reading, consider adding something new? 

Whether it’s some cool foot note on the pages, a questionnaire on page 1, or even a reading log with an outline for writing reviews. You could even try a calendar.

Just, something new would be great.


One of the ways that Illumicrate differs from other book boxes, are also because they were the first book box I saw that added extra swag from the publishing houses. If you’ve read any of my book box club unboxings, you know that this is a total hit for me. And my poor little fangirl heart skips several beats when I see additional swag.

Six of Crows Card holder


I mean… I’m a big fan of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse, and I’ve recently read all of her books. So ANY Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, or Grisha Trilogy swag is welcome with me. If you’re not a fan and happen to have a lot you need to get rid off? Then by all means, send them to me. I love this world.
Not sure what to use a Card holder for though. I’m pretty certain that its intended purpose is holding cards (I know, I’m a genius for deducting that).

But I don’t think this pretty should be hidden away in a wallet. Maybe if I had, like, twelve of them. 😀

I could use it to store some of the many visit cards from the various book boxes. I have a tendency to save it, and they always end up everywhere.

Replica Mini Poster

This Replica mini poster was designed by Yasminwithanedesigns. It took some tracking down, but she has made some pretty awesome posters for several of my favorite books.
It might just be me, but when I read quotes from books, I always get more excited to read it. I just need to know the context.

The One memory of Flora Banks sampler

It sounds like a good book. Might have to check it out.
Wolf by wolf temporary tattoo

Fun Fact: This was apparently the first book that Illumicrate featured. The subscribers who has been there since the start, also received the sequel in this box as a small thank you for staying with them.
And a bunch of promotional postcards:

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

This book is already on my wishlist. And it does look pretty awesome.
Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt

I have no idea what this book is about, but I love the postcard.

All the bright places and Holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven

I recently read All the Bright Places, and I am super excited to get my hands on Holding Up the Universe. These cards are so gorgeous, and I think more books should do these as promotional swag.
The only problem, is that they’re double sided. Now, what should I do when I want to show case both of the pretties? 

Seriously, I need the people who makes these to stop, because my indecisiveness can’t bear to choose between two points of awesome. Either that, or stuff two sets in.

Note: There was a small bookmark from “I’ll be Home for Christmas” by Tom Becker that for some reason isn’t pictured. It’s on the full unboxing photo, though.

And Finally…

The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid

A teaser promised to deliver a book with a truly unique main character. And from what I can see, this book lives up to that. I’m pretty happy about this choice of book, because it was on my wishlist. Granted, my wishlist probably spans several kilometers, but that’s beside the point.
If you want to know more about the book, check out the goodreads page.

Also included was a letter from the author explaining the origin of the story, a bookmark and a signed bookplate.

For some reason, I received two book plates. Not that I’m complaining. Not at all.
So…  this was the full Illumicrate box. I know I gave a lot of “but’s” in this post, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I honestly love this box and the items. All of my opinions, suggestions and ideas is only meant to help improve the box. (According to me, of course.)

Next box is sent out in February, and I’m already so excited for it.

In case you want to subscribe to this box of awesomeness too. Just jump over to and get started.
Have you tried Illumicrate? Did you recieve this box?

Unboxing: Book Box Club November 2016

This is actually my third Book Box Club box. It’s also the only book box subscription where I’ve been a subscriber since the start in September.

The Basics first, as always.
Book Box Club is a monthly YA book subscription box, that doubles as an online book club with a live chat with the featured author in the clubhouse.

The founders have been in the bookish game since forever, and between the two of them, the box promises to deliver a discussion worthy book and a selection of amazing bookish goods.

In case you didn’t already, you can see my other unboxing posts for September and October.

The box is £27.99 + shipping, and they offer monthly subscription along with 3 and 6 months prepaid subscriptions

November’s theme was “Secrets and Sisterhood” and promised an early release of a thrilling new YA book, perfect for fans of E. Lockhart and Gone Girl. As always, it also included some gorgeous handcrafted goodies and bookish swag.
NOTE: The card on the box is covering my address, but was actually a lovely personal note from the founders. I adore these little personalized touches, and I squeal with delight each time.

The first item was a Shelfie Bunting from book box club.
I absolutely love this. Not only is it super cute with the tiny hearts, but it’s also one of those things that is decorative while also showing off how much I adore the box I received it in. To be honest, I wish every book box would make one of these, so I could hang them all on display.

I’m the kind of bookish addict that keeps the boxes on top of my TBR shelf, just in case someone visits and I can have a chance to fan girl. I am not even kidding, in the past month I’ve had Jehovah’s Witnesses and a volunteer from an animal shelter in my apartment. Neither of them left without a detailed explanation of my love for the book boxes.

So to support my obvious fangirling, I love little thingies that might become another topic of conversation. And so far I have 21 shelves to decorate, so just get comfortable with those scissors.

Fun Fact: I asked Libby and Kate which book they’d used for the bunting, and apparently it was Zom-B by Darren Shan. Guess who just sneaked onto my ever-growing wishlist?

The second item was this ANNE OF GREEN GABLES Coloring Card from Carrot Top Paper Shop.
I am probably one of the few people who have no idea what Anne of Green Gables are. I can guess from this box that it’s a book about two people who aren’t biologically related, but still share a kinship . But apart from that, I know very little about it. It’s a classic, right?

With that said, I do absolutely love coloring, so anything in that direction is a hit with me. Keep them coming, please. The more, the merrier.

These Two Sister-inspired Waterpaint Bookmarks from Till and Dill are probably among my favorite bookmarks ever.But, really I love bookmarks A LOT, so I’m probably kinda lying. These are super gorgeous, though.
Ever since these were introduced as suppliers, I’ve been not-so-covertly stalking their instagram. In case you ever feel like you simply have too much awesomeness lying around at home, just know: Mi Casa is totally your bookmark’s Casa too. Kidding… kinda…

Okay, not really. But they’re really gorgeous, okay?

Just… check them out at your own risk…

I adore bookish jewellery, and when it doubles as one of my favorite TV fandoms, as well… I’m basically in heaven.
This “BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK” Necklace from MadeByGolightLyx is perfect for any sherlocked fans out there.

I particularly love the key to 221b. I bet that’s going to start a few conversations when I eventually venture outside again.

To be honest, I was surprised about this item since it’s not directly inspired or related to the book or the theme. However, from my quick gandering, I believe it’s the mystery aspect of Sherlock Holmes that secured the spot for this item. And who am I to argue with that?

The last item in the box was this Sister Lit lip balm from Medusa Bijoux Shop.
It’s Mint scented, and it feels absolutely amazing. I’ve been using it every day since I recieved it, and my lips are thankful. The label is adorned with some of the most famous literary sisters.

Because it’s round, you can’t see it that well, but I’ll copy it over for you:

  • Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy
  • Katniss & Prim
  • Lennie & Bailey
  • Emily, Anne & Charlotte
  • Pauline, Petrova & Posy
  • Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty & Lydia
  • Tippi & Grace
  • Jessica & Elizabeth

I’m kinda embarressed to admit that I only know Katniss and Prim. Do you recognize others? Let me know in the comments, so I won’t embarress myself if someone asks who I’m wearing.

And as always, my favorite part of BookBoxClub is the extra bookish goods from the different publishing houses. These goodies were from Simon&Schuster and Bloomsbury. It includes:

  • A Pocket Mirror promoting “Stealing Snow” by Danielle Paige.
  • Four Post Cards promoting “One” by Sarah Crossan
  • Two Butterfly Pins promoting “The Diabolic” by S. J. Kincaid

I know, this is such a superficial thing to love, especially since they don’t have anything to do with the rest of the box like 98% of the time.

But, I just can’t help it. I love it. I’m a hoarder like that. Seriously, if anyone is wanting to dump excess bookish goods somewhere, Just… send them to me? I really want them.

I also really adore that it’s an extra the box puts in. Like, they don’t have to, since there’s no promises for it, but it’s just a nice thing to include. And the fact that they include it every month, makes me all happy inside.

In fact, the only other subscription box that includes something extra is Illumicrate, and that’s a quarterly box. Clearly, my needs far exceeds that, so please, do keep on throwing in anything you can in these boxes.

And finally, the featured book:

The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby
This book is described as a twisted, dark tale of a missing girl, and her younger sister who’s quietly relieved to be free of the taunts and torture from the cruel older sibling.

It does sound kind of scary, but also really good. I just hope I won’t be all paranoid of my own younger sister after reading it.

So that was the box in its entirety. As always, it’s evident that Kate and Libby puts a lot of thought into the theme, and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

The December theme is “Magic by Night” and will include another pre-release that’s perfect for fans of Maggie Stiefvater and the Night Circus. It’s on sale now, so don’t hesitate to secure your spot as they are selling out pretty quickly.

Just head on over to BookBoxClub and join the fun.

What do you think of this box? Would you pick up the book? Planning to check out any of the shops? 


Let me know in the comments. 


Unboxing: Fairyloot November 2016 

It is time to show off my amazing November fairyloot box. 

It arrived last week, less than five days after it was shipped. A+ for delivery—which usually is closer to an F- where I come from. Even the mailman was surprised when I told him. 

But first…

The basics:

Fairyloot is a monthly book box subscription from the UK. Every month they send out a carefully curated box with one recent YA Sci-fi/Fantasy book, and 5-7 bookish goodies from a variety of indie shops. 

Each box is 26£ + shipping. They offer single purchases, month-to-month subscription and 3, 6 and 12 months prepaid.

November’s theme was “Royals & Rogues” and it promised to be perfect for fans of Red Queen, Throne of Glass, The Wrath and the Dawn and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

I’ve read, and loved, three out of those four, so my excitement was through the roof.

So, now to the fun part… 

The first item I saw was the QUEEN OF BOOKS ceramic mug designed by ReadAtMidnight.

I showed it to my roommate, and he gave a pointed look at my TBR shelves and said it had arrived at the right place.

It’s always a pretty big risk to send out breakable goodies. Especially since shipping can take a toll on the boxes and their items.

However, the mug was encased in its own box inside the box, which made for a sturdier protection than just the usual purple paper worms.

I do hope every mug arrived safely across the world, because it sure is a gorgeous and useful item. I also hope it won’t be the last mug I’ll get in a box.

And to incite me to actually use the mug, Fairyloot sent out a bag of ROYALS & ROGUES tea from The Tealeaf Company, along with 10 disposable tea leaf filters.

To be absolutely honest, this is the third tea I’ve recieved in a book box, and while I’m definitely #TeamTea rather than Coffee, I just haven’t dared to use them yet.

I do like that there were some filters included. I don’t have one of those nifty bells to dump in my cup, so my tea experience so far has been limited to the Lipton teabags.

Hopefully, the amounts of tea I’ll collect will make me invest in an actual teapot.

My queen is without limitations. Boundless in all that she does.

– René Ahdieh, The Wrath and the Dawn

This gold and black CALIPHA Pocket Mirror was designed by Bookworm Boutique.

I’m starting to have a sweet little collections of pocket mirrors. Never cared much for them before, but I find them incredibly handy now. Plus, the designs on the back are all gorgeous, both the quotes and illustrations.

They aren’t easy to display, though.  So if any of you reading this have any ideas on how to show them off, let me know in the comments.

For now, they are among my bookish jewellery in a box. But I am open for suggestions.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a big fan of Sarah J. Maas’ “Throne of Glass” series.

So this QUEEN OF TERRASEN Notepad is right up my alley. It’s handlettered by Alexis Lampley and is an exclusive to this box.

As much as I love journals and notebooks, it’s nice to see some variety in the goodies. And the cute notepad here is pretty useful and cool.

When I saw this first,  I thought it was wax melts, but upon looking at the spoiler card, I found that it wasn’t.

Inspired by the featured book these SCENTED SPECTORIUM SOAP CRYSTALS were made by CraftyRagaMuffin

It smells absolutely delicious. And they look really cool.

Side note: I think I’ve mentioned this before,  but I absolutely love when boxes include a goodie related to their featured book.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having goodies around my favorite books, but as the new release hopefully should become a favorite too, it’s nice to have something to start a new collection with. 

Of course, I realise that this isn’t always possible as it takes time to come up with something fitting. But that just makes me appreciate it so much more when it happens.

Earlier this year, I binge read Red Queen, Cruel Crown and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.

So this illustration of the main character MARE is pretty cool. It was created by BookOtter and is an exclusive.

I love art prints a lot, so this was a cute little goodie. And if I flip it around… 

Rise as red as the dawn.

– Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

This beautiful lettering was designed by LovelyOwlsBooks

I honestly don’t know which I prefer, so I would have liked if it weren’t doublesided.

It makes sense as they both are inspired by the same series, but I kinda want to show off both together.

Of course, that’s just a personal preference. Regardless, I still love them.

This item made me squeal like a love struck teenager who just saw their biggest idol.

That I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown. 

– Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

Rhysand, my love… 

This RHYSAND QUOTE Tote Bag was designed by LovelyOwlsBooks who also designed the above lettering quote.

I don’t even like tote bags,  but the fangirl in me still squealed. I mean, it is gorgeous.  

Regardless, I’ll probably still make it into a decorative pillow. Simply because I want to display the gorgeousness.

Seriously,  I love this. 

And this bonus quote from Wolf by Wolf is designed by ReadAtMidnight (the person who also designed the mug)

I don’t know this book,  but i love getting little quotes to wet my appetite.

Seriously, I don’t know how many books I’ve bought because of some kind of promotional goodie.

That was all the goodies. Kinda… 

Since September, fairyloot have sent out their books in this super useful book bag. It still gives that mystery vibe,  but saves on paper. And they can be used again and again and again… You get the picture.

My two first book bags from September and October is currently residing on my shelf, adorned with bookish pins and badges.

Before, I didn’t really know what to do with the pins, but I find that these bags show them off pretty well. Plus, they’re great for storing notebooks, interviews, samplers and artprints. 

And from what I gather,  they can be pretty handy when it comes to transporting books in your bag. 

If you’re a fairyloot subscriber,  what do you use the bookbags for?


I had such hoped that it would NEMESIS by Anna Banks in this box. 

To be honest, I wasn’t certain because it was released early October, but I am so happy it’s this one. 

Also included was a letter from the author, a signed bookplate, a bookmark, an illustration of a man-eating mermaid (I think) and of course and interview in the FairyScoop. 

– I also included the Soap Crystals because they fit with the book. 

As always,  the books are embossed with the fairyloot logo.

I know that some places mark the books on the edges to prevent people from returning it to the publisher for a refund.

That’s not a problem for me, but I have to admit that embossing seems far better. It’s subtle,  and makes it a bit special. I approve. 

All the book swag. I know that I basically just showed you this,  but I wanted to make a point to any bookbox owners,  authors or even publishers who might be reading this:


No,  but seriously. These items are gold both for the subscriber and for you.

Take the bookmark for example. As many of you know,  I’m relatively active in the bookstagram community on instagram. Now, and forever more, Anna Banks’ Nemesis will be promoted every time I show off my bookmark collection. 

Get that swag out into the world.  Or at the very least, to me. 


And here’s everything in all its glory. Yes there’s two pictures, because I wanted to show both sides of the double sided art print. 

Verdict: In case it wasn’t obvious, this box is probably my favorite to date. It helps that the book was one I had anticipated, but really, I just enjoy the small things that makes up this box of awesomeness. 


There are limited spots left for the December box, and if you miss out, you have to wait, and hope, that there are some opened after December 1st.

The theme is Sci Fi adventure and is perfect for fans of Red Rising, Star Wars, Lunar Chronicles and the Starbound Trilogy. 

If you think this sounds awesome, pop over to and purchase one.