I am back! 

Surprise! I hope you’ve missed me, cause I sure missed you. 

My apologies for the absence, but my—beautiful and lovely—cat accidentally broke the screen on my phone in the beginning of September. 

I do EVERYTHING on my phone; pictures, blogging, socialising, instagram—you name it. So being without it severely hindered my online presence.

You might wonder why I didn’t just use my laptop, and that’s a valid point but… No hables logic. 😄

But, I am back now.  And boy are you in for a treat. While I was gone I recieved a ton of beauties.  Litcube, bookboxclub, Nerdybookwormbox,  fairyloot and mybookishcrate are all waiting patiently to be photographed. And to top it off,  I got some other awesome bookish mails,  a couple reviews and a haul and wrap up to post ASAP.  I hope you’re as excited as me! 

Have you been well this last month? Read anything good? 


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